Week 4 Picks and Rankings

Week 4 Power Rankings:

By Joseph Fafinski, Contributor

Record (last)

1. Indianapolis Colts, 2-1 (4)

Peyton Manning develops receivers, plain and simple. Throughout the years he has developed famous names like Marvin Harrison,  Brandon Stokley, Reggie Wayne, and Pierre Garcon. Add Austin Collie to the list, having at least one touchdown in each game this year as well as at least 160 yards in two of the three games. Who needs a running game when you have four weapons to fire to at any point (Wayne, Collie, Garcon, Dallas Clark)? Surely not the Colts.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers, 3-0 (2)

The league’s best undefeated team apparently doesn’t need the troubled Ben Roethlisberger to win because they can do it with Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch. The real question for Week 4 lingers: can they beat the Ravens with Batch? We shall find out in a low-scoring affair. If they win this one, 6-0 is within sight as showdowns with Cleveland and Miami may prove them as the league’s best.

3. Baltimore Ravens, 2-1 (6)

Well, the offense finally clicked. Anquan Boldin had a career day and appears to be Flacco’s favorite target by a long shot. A loss to the Steelers this week would definitely leave a bad taste in their mouths, going 2-2 when expectations were through the roof. As long as the offense plays the way they did in Week 3 this team should win as long as they stop the Steelers’ offense, who is (hold your laughter) led by Charlie Batch.

4. Green Bay Packers, 2-1 (2)

18 penalties. 18 penalties. 18 penalties. I might as well write that down eighteen times because that was all that was going through my head this week as my beloved Packers lost to the hated Bears by three points. James Jones blew Aaron Rodgers’ great game when he fumbled a ball that might’ve set up a game-winning field goal or touchdown. Thank God they play Detroit this week.

5. New Orleans Saints, 2-1 (1)

A loss to the Falcons in overtime hurts especially considering Garrett Hartley shanked a field goal from 32 yards to beat their rivals. This comes after a three-point win against the lowly 49ers, whom the Chiefs absolutely crushed last week. Are the Saints really as good as everyone thinks? At least they’ll kill the Panthers this week, right??

6. Chicago Bears, 3-0 (6)

One of three undefeated teams left (and perhaps the most surprising based on who they’ve played), the Bears get a (somewhat) relieving game Sunday night against the New York Football Giants, who have had a great struggle that they call a defense. The Bears will cruise to 4-0.

7. New York Jets, 2-1 (8)

The Jets improved their divisional record to 2-0 by defeating a good Miami team who just couldn’t finish them off. My only beef with this team is that they barely even sat Braylon Edwards, who was convicted of a  DUI on Tuesday.

8. Houston Texans, 2-1 (3)

So much for “best in the AFC”. I believe that the AFC South is going to come down to the wire between the Colts, Texans, and the Titans. All three are good teams who may surprise some come December.

9. Cincinnati Bengals, 2-1 (10)

Eh, not much to say about the Bengals really at this point. They still only have only good victory and only one bad loss, and then there’s the win against Carolina. That only comes natural as a win and with Cleveland this week it’s safe to say the same.

10. Miami Dolphins, 2-1 (5)

Chad Henne, one year removed from backing up Chad Pennington in Miami, has already become a fan favorite and Dolphins fans everywhere have much to be excited about with this team even though that first loss on Sunday night certainly did not come easy.

11. New England Patriots, 2-1 (9)

Yes, it was a win. Yes, it counts as making your record only better. Honestly though, did it seem like a victory? Sure, Tom Brady had a crazy good game, but it was only against the worst team in the league.

12. Atlanta Falcons, 2-1 (13)

After coming off an overtime victory over the Super Bowl champs, the Falcons are feeling pretty confident about their game and I expect no shortage of points against the 49ers.

13. Tennessee Titans, 2-1 (12)

I never know what to think of Vince Young. He wins, and he does it in bunches. He doesn’t put up great stats but apparently you don’t need to when you win. I would tell Jeff Fisher to keep him going.

14. Kansas City Chiefs, 3-0 (17)

Kansas City has much to celebrate at this time. Jamaal Charles is turning into one of the most dynamic backs in the league. Matt Cassel and Dwayne Bowe seem to be clicking. Oh, and did I mention that they’re undefeated still?

15. Philadelphia Eagles, 2-1 (15)

Well, here is the team we’ve heard most about this week. “Do they miss Donovan McNabb?”, “is Vick an early MVP candidate?” and “will Philly fans boo McNabb?” will certainly all be answered as McNabb will be welcomed back to Vickadelphia.

16. Dallas Cowboys, 1-2 (18)

Hey, look at who got that first win? A great victory over the Texans saves both the lost season and Wade Phillips’ job. Going into the bye week the ‘Boys at least have some confidence rolling.

17. Washington Redskins, 1-2 (14)

I want to take the Redskins’ spot here by writing a bit about Donovan McNabb. In my humble opinion he is the most underappreciated quarterback in NFL history. He took the Eagles to five NFC Championships in eleven years, something Brett Favre, Kurt Warner, and no other active quarterback can say.

18. San Diego Chargers, 1-2 (16)

Uh, oh. Apparently there is concern in San Diego after losing to the God-awful Seahawks. They better get back on the rebound against the worst 2-1 team in the league, the Arizona Cardinals.

19. Minnesota Vikings, 1-2 (21)

Well, at least they got a win. Heading into the bye week the Vikings’ only concerns should rely on the passing game. 2010 Brett Favre looks like 1991 Brett Favre in that he is throwing passes that he wouldn’t have thrown even as late as this preseason.

20. Arizona Cardinals, 2-1 (24)

This team is absolutely terrible and somehow has a 2-1 record. Records will lie in their Week 4 matchup as they will get pummeled by the 1-2 Chargers.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2-1 (20)

Ouch, Tampa Bay. That hurt, didn’t it? The Steelers absolutely proved why Tampa being undefeated was a fluke. At least there are some bright spots, though.

22. Seattle Seahawks, 2-1 (27)

Is there any possible way that Leon Washington can touch the ball every play?? He destroyed the Chargers’ special teams. I don’t see Seattle getting past St. Louis this week, and that should say something.

23. New York Giants, 1-2 (19)

C’mon, really Giants? Eli throws for 350+ yards and you still only score 10 points? You make me sick, New York! Have a good time losing again to the Bears.

24. Denver Broncos, 1-2 (23)

“Kyle Orton throws a deep pass to Brandon Lloyd”. If the previous sentence is uttered by a sportscaster, expect good things to happen for this team.

25. St. Louis Rams, 1-2 (30)

A blowout win over a decent team proves that this team can stick around with most of their opponents. They should handle the Seahawks this week.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars, 1-2 (25)

Oh boy does this team still have turnover issues. Let’s get an offense going, alright Jags? At least compete against okay teams please.

27. San Francisco 49ers, 0-3 (22)

This team is in trouble, no other way to put it. How can you go from favorites to last-place in two weeks? I don’t know, ask Mike Singletary’s team.

28. Oakland Raiders, 1-2 (26)

So much for Sebastian Janikowski being clutch. This team is in total shambles. It shouldn’t be easier this week.

29. Detroit Lions, 0-3 (29)

They have to win sometime, right? Not this week as the Pack invite them to Lambeau for their annual steamrolling.

30. Carolina Panthers, 0-3 (28)

This team is losing more in a row than Jimmy Clausen did last season!! Oh wait, not yet…

31. Cleveland Browns, 0-3 (31)

At least Delhomme isn’t starting. That’s a good thing, right?

32. Buffalo Bills, 0-3 (32)

They got close last week when it was 31-30 against the Pats!! But, as a Bills fan I know here put it, “I knew there was absolutely no way with this team that we would win.”

Week 4 Picks/Spreads

Jets 14 over Bills

Bengals 9 over Browns

Ravens 2 over Steelers (upset #1 in the Game of the Week!)

Titans 7 over Broncos

Packers 15 over Lions

Falcons 7 over 49ers

Saints 10 over Panthers

Rams 4 over Seahawks

Colts 14 over Jaguars

Raiders 3 over Texans (upset #2!!)

Eagles 6 over Redskins (which team does McNabb play for again??)

Chargers 10 over Cardinals

Bears 8 over Giants

Dolphins 1 over Patriots

2010 (HORRIBLE) Records:

Week 3: 8-8

Week 3 w/spread: 6-10

Total: 26-22

Total w/spread: 22-25-1 (oh wow this is awful!!)

Thanks for reading!! I look forward to next week!!

-JF (since Alex hasn’t written anything yet I shouldn’t even write this but I will since I am solid journalist)


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